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Extra service packages

Extra service packages

Would you like to spend your holiday with your family? Will you travel to ski somewhere? Are you planning to move abroad?

You'll find the suitable solution among our special service packages certainly! In addition you can benefit from discounted package prices.


Insurance packages with reduced excess

Car(e) rental without excess? Yes, it's possible! Take no risks, reduce your excess to 0 HUF!

Insurance typePer day* Maximum/month* Cover 
Super CDR (SCDR) 2.500 HUF 25.000 HUFBreakage and glass damages 
Super CDR Plus (SCDRP) 5.000 HUF 50.000 HUFBreakage, glass and tyre damages, write-off 

* VAT included.

Reduced excess to 0 HUF, except when there is no cover, the excess is 10%, which based on purchase price of car (SCDR: write-off, theft; SCDRP: theft).



Travel package

  • Second driver
  • Border permission 
  • Safety vest

Travel package (TRP): 8.200 HUF/rental (VAT included).




Family package
  • Child seat 1 or 2
  • Second driver
  • Navigation system

Family package (FMP): 3.800 HUF/day (VAT included), max. 38.000 HUF.






Moving package
  • Second driver
  • Border permission
  • Bracer (1-4)

Moving package (MWP): 9.400 HUF/rental (VAT included).


Truck loading space insurance

Reduced excess to 0 HUF, if renter doesn't require this additional insurance, he will be responsible for whole repair cost of loading space.

Truck loading space insurance (RTB): 1.250 HUF/day (VAT included), max. 12.500 HUF.





Winter package 

  • Winter tyres
  • Frost-resisting windscreen liquid
  • Ice-scraper

Winter package in "A", "B", "C" categories (STB): 1.250 HUF/day (VAT included), max. 12.500 HUF.

Winter package in other categories (STF): 2.500 HUF/day (VAT included), max. 25.000 HUF.

Special ski package
  • Winter tyres
  • Frost-resisting windscreen liquid
  • Ice-scraper
  • Luggage rack
  • Jet bag
  • Snow chain

Special ski package (SKI): 2.500 HUF/day (VAT included), max. 25.000 HUF/month. It is valid in combi (L) and minivan (M) categories only.

Extras separately from packages

 Border permission 6.250 HUF/rental (VAT included) - for 1 week or more it is free of charge
 Second driver (max. 2) 1.250 HUF/day (VAT included), max. 8.750 HUF/month
 Bracer 1.250 HUF/day (VAT included)

 Further extra accessories