The industry standard vehicle matrix - ACRISS code


All Europcar vehicles are classified by an ACRISS code. The four-letter ACRISS code describes the vehicle class, the vehicle type, the fuel type and whether the vehicle is equipped with air-conditioning or not.

e.g.: CCMN - Compact car, 2/4 doors, manual unspecified drive, unspecified fuel / power without air.

 Category Type  Transmission / Drive Fuel / Air-conditioning 
 M Mini B 2-3 doors A Auto unspecified drive R Unspecified fuel/power with air
 E Economy D 4-5 doors M Manual unspecified drive N Unspecified fuel/power without air
 C Compact C 2/4 doors N Manual 4WD D Diesel air
 I Intermediate W Wagon/Estate C Manual AWD Q Diesel no air
 S Standard V Passenger van B Auto 4WD H Hybrid air
 F Full-Size L Limousine D Auto AWD I Hybrid no air
 P Premium S Sport  E Electric air
 L Luxury T Convertible  C Electric no air
 X Special F SUV  L LPG/compressed gas air
 N Mini Elite P Pick-up regular cab  S LPG/compressed gas no air
 H Economy Elite J Open Air All-Terrain  A Hydrogen air
 D Compact Elite X Special  B Hydrogen no air
 J Intermediate Elite E Coupe  M Multi fuel/power air
 R Standard Elite G Crossover  F Multi fuel/power no air
 G Full-Size Elite H Motor home  V Petrol air
 U Premium Elite M Monospace  Z Petrol no air
 W Luxury Elite N Roadster  U Ethanol air
 O Oversize Q Pick-up extended cab  X Ethanol no air
  Y 2 wheel vehicle  
  Z Special offer car  

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