Driving in Hungary

Driving in Hungary

Rental conditions

Minimum age is 21, for group H, I and M 23 years. Renter or driver(s) named in the contract must be in possession of a valid driving licence for at least one year, valid passport and contact address in Hungary. The driver and second driver (3810 HUF daily, max. 53 340 HUF/month, max. 2-second drivers) must be named in the contract, and must agree the "General Renting Conditions". When ordering please contact the Europcar station for further information.


Reservations are confirmed for category, specific type of car can't be guaranteed. At reservation please give your personal data and rental information exactly (rental period, category, extras, delivery and collection, travel to abroad etc.).

Rental rates

The minimum rental period is one day, 24 hours from pick-up time. Rental rates include unlimited mileage, liability and casco insurances against breakage and robbery (CDR&TP), free use of Hungarian highways (with an electronic permission), oil and maintenance.


At the beginning of the rental caution must be paid by credit card, which is different at all categories. For further information please contact the Europcar station.


Rental rates include the liability and casco insurances against breakage and robbery (CDR & TP), the non-reimbursable excess depends on the damage and the vehicle category. The excess can be reduced even to 0 HUF. For further information please contact the Europcar station.

If denying the Collision Damage Reduction (CDR), in case of any new damages on or the loss of the rented car or parts of it, the breakage of the glass or in case of theft, the renter is liable for the total cost of reparation. 

In case of great value of damage, write-off and theft the excess is 10%, which based on purchase price of car. Europcar reserves the right to charge it to enter even after the rent was closed.

Repair of vehicle, guarantee

When the odometer reaches the value indicated in the "Revision" heading of the contract, Renter shall have a technical revision of the vehicle at the place and time indicated by the Lessor. If the revision is delayed or omitted Renter shall pay the actual km fee as a contractual penalty. In addition to contractual penalty, Lessor shall be entitled to demand payment for damages not covered by the contractual penalty in case the vehicle loses its guarantee.

The actual km fees are as follows:

Acriss codeCar categoryExtra km fee*


One-way rental (Hungary)
At least of 3 days rental the rented car can be returned to any Europcar offices in Hungary. Cost is 8.890 HUF (VAT included)/returning. 

In case of returning the car abroad, one-way fee must be paid, which varied by countries, and special conditions and restrictions might be applied. For further information please contact the Europcar station.

Departure for abroad

Vehicle is forbidden to take into the following countries: Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, succession states of Yugoslavia (except Croatia and Slovenia) and former Soviet Union (except Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). 

Border crossing permit is required for rentals shorter than 1 week 19.050 HUF (VAT included), for 1 week or more it is free of charge. Vehicle in certain categories is not allowed to being taken abroad. 

Delivery and collection
Delivery can be provided on-demand within the city for 12.700 HUF (VAT included). In any other case we'll charge 12.700 HUF + 32 HUF/km (VAT included). Demand of delivery/collection must be indicated in advance at the time of booking.

Fuel information

Rented car is delivered with full tank of petrol, and at the end of the rental it should be returned as it was. If renter does not return the car with full tank Europcar shall charge the price of the missing fuel and the fee of the mileage performed with the purposes of refuelling. All fuel costs during the car's use shall be borne by renter.


Some vehicles are equipped with alarm systems, immobiliser or GPS for the sake of best safety. When renting the vehicle, customers obtain detailed information about the use. The charge of this service is included in rental fees.

Chauffeur service

Any vehicle can be hired with a professional chauffeur with a surcharge of 60.960 HUF/8 hours (VAT included). Every extra hour started is charged at 7.620 HUF (VAT included). Conditions of cancelling: in case of renting categories H or I any cancellation of the order after 48 hours is free of charge; between 24 and 48 hours the vehicle's basic fee shall be paid without the driver's fee, while in case of cancellation within 24 hours the whole rental fee shall be paid including the driver's fee.

Call our reservations team: +36 1 421 8300

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