Statement of responsibility

By virtue of the modification of Act on Public Road Traffic from 1st May 2008 there are more strict traffic rules in Hungary, penalties may be as much as 120-1.500 €/event! Please pay attention of speed limits and other traffic regulations!

By virtue of the modification of Act I of 1998 on Public Road Traffic in Hungary that will come into force on May 2, 2008, owner/user of the motor vehicle shall be responsible for petty offences committed with the motor vehicle. Pursuant to this modification, non-observance of traffic rules will imply severe punishments.

Due to the modification of the law, car rental companies shall be obliged to attach a documentary evidence to the rental agreement (a statement) demonstrating the identification of the person who used the motor vehicle at a given time. Offender's data shall be provided for the police authority that will act pursuant to the law and ensure the collection of penalty.

As of May 1, 2008, the client shall have to sign a statement in all cases when executing a rental agreement that will be essential for the validity of the agreement. This statement shall become a documentary evidence when signed by two witnesses at the time of concluding the agreement. Correct starting and ending date of rental period must be indicated on the statement. This is the period that will be covered by client’s responsibility. Correct data of the driver shall be given in all cases and address must be proven with an identity card with address/registration form with address. Only the person indicated on the ordering form may receive the vehicle. Please, help our work with providing correct data of the driver.


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