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Whatever your destination, on business or for pleasure, keep Europcar's special offers in mind!

Car rental without excess? Yes, it’s possible! 


If you wish to make your rent of the car safer and more secure and you don’t want to worry about eventual loss or damages, you have the option of taking out an auxiliary “deductible redeemer” insurance when you take possession of the car.

These may include:

SCDR – deductible halving insurance: the deductible is reduced by half, covers breakage and window damage, the deductible is 10% of the new value of the motor vehicle in case of total loss and theft.

Fee: HUF 2,540 / day (gross), at maximum HUF 25,400 / month (gross).

SCDRP – deductible reducing super insurance: there is no deductible (HUF 0), covers breakage, total loss, window damage and tyre damage, the deductible is 10% of the new value in case of theft.

Fee: HUF 5,080 / day (gross), at maximum HUF 50,800 / month (gross).

STHW – deductible halving anti-theft insurance. Fee: HUF 6,350 / day (gross), at maximum HUF 63,500 / month (gross).



Will you have a hectic day? Don't you want to waste your time in traffic jam?


For long journeys to your partners you can use the time to concentrate on your appointment.
No more parking problems and traffic jam. You can relax on the backseat, because your chauffeur will take you anywhere you wish.

Any vehicle can be hired with a professional chauffeur with a surcharge of 30.480 HUF/8 hours. Every extra hour started is charged at 3.810 HUF.


Service rent-a-car offer

Europcar offers mobility solutions while your own car is being maintained. Rent a vehicle with an advantageous, all inclusive rate. Throughout the country there are several Service Stations which belong to VW Group, or are contracted with it. Guaranteed: You will never stay without a car!

Why is it worth to rent a car from Europcar? Because:

Mobility guarantee covers rental fee in case of warranty repairing*.

It is possible to rent a car directly at partner service station.

Of rates: Volkswagen Polo or similar 13.100 HUF/day, Skoda Rapid or similar only 15.000 HUF/day!

Rates include VAT, 200 km/day, insurance (CDR&TP), GCT (government car tax) and free use of Hungarian highways.

* in case of an irreparable fault, duration and limit of value are determinated in the mobility guarantee, the limit of value depends on car category

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