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on bookings made on our website


Dear Customer,


When you book a car, EuRent Autókölcsönző Kft. as controller necessarily processes certain personal data of yours.

We provide you with detailed information herein in this regard as prescribed by Article 12 of the GDPR.

Please read this privacy note carefully before booking a car.


Who processes my personal data?


EuRent Autókölcsönző Kft.

Postal address: H-1238 Budapest, Szentlőrinci út, lot no. 195853


Phone: +36 (1) 421-8300


Why is Europcar entitled to process my personal data?

(Legal ground for and regulation background of processing of data)

  1. For booking of cars

Europcar shall be entitled to process your personal data, because booking a car establishes a type of contract between you and our company in which you become one of the parties. As a result, your personal data are necessary for the performance of the contract as provided by Article 6(1)(b) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (“GDPR”). 

If you fail to provide us with the personal data specified in this Privacy Note, then we will not be able to perform your booking, since in this case it is not possible to match the customer with the same.

  1. For registration

In order to facilitate your booking, you have the option to save your data by using the so-called profiling function. The legal ground for the processing of data is Article 6(1)(a)-(b) of the GDPR. Users voluntarily contact the Controller, voluntarily register and use the Controller’s services.

The User shall have the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. In case of withdrawal your consent your datas will be deleted. You may request to withdrawal your consent by sending an e-mail to the following E-mail adress:


Which personal data does Europcar process?

(Scope of personal data processed)


When booking a car, Europcar processes the following personal data of yours for the performance of the booking: your name, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, invoicing address, bank card and credit card data.

If the rental agreement is concluded between us, at the time of pick up, we will process the datas concerning your driving license, ID card and address card in our office (nr. of driving license, date of issue, date of validity, adress, nr. of ID card).

In the event of profiling, our company processes the following personal data of yours: your name, place and date of birth, driving licence data (date, place of issue, number, date of expiry), ID card number (date, place of issue, number, date of expiry), e-mail address, phone number, invoicing address, bank card and credit card data.


We hereby inform you that your data provided in the privilege royalty programme is processed by Europcar International. The terms and conditions of processing are available at the following link:


In order to limit the scope of data processed to a minimum, please provide us with the personal data you consider as essential for us to perform the booking. Please avoid the provision of any unnecessary, sensitive data (e.g. political opinion, religion, ethnic origin etc.). Europcar does not process and deletes any such data, and assumes no liability for the provision thereof.

Why does Europcar process my personal data?

 (Purpose of processing)

The purpose of processing of your personal data is the performance of your booking as requested and within the time interval indicated by you.

The purpose of processing in the event of booking:

-       Confirmation, modification or cancellation of your booking;

-       sharing of information with regard to your booking (e.g. provision of information on your booking, sending of reminder notification prior to your check-in/check-out, answering your questions or suggestions, if any);

-       satisfaction of any further needs.

In the case of registration, the purpose of processing is to facilitate your further bookings.


How long does Europcar store my data?

(Period of processing)

We retain the data concerning your booking (name, adress) for a period of 8 years, in accordance with the relevant accounting rules.

Retain time of credit card datas: 90 days

Retain time of datas of personal documents: 8 years

Phone number, E-mail adress, date of birth: 8 years



How does Europcar secure my personal data?

(Data protection measures)


Europcar ensures the security of personal data, has implemented the technical and organisational measures and has developed the procedural rules that are necessary to enforce the data protection and confidentiality rules. Our company protects personal data, in particular, from any unauthorised access, alteration, transfer, disclosure, erasure, unlawful or accidental destruction and damage.

Europcar has established appropriate levels of access to personal data (only authorized employees have access to it), paper-based documents are kept in a locked room, and digitalized data is kept under proper technical protection.


Who has access to my personal data beyond Europcar?

(Access to the data and transfer, processor(s) involved)

Your personal data may be learned and processed by the employees of Europcar authorised in this regard.

Your data concerning the billing are stored in the SAP software of the parent company of Europcar, Porsche Bank AG, so these data are sent to Porsche Bank AG.

If you are involved in a car accident, we will forward your name, address and license number to the insurer of the other party involved in the accident. The purpose of data management is to settle claims.

Please be advised that we will not forward your data to a third country, an international organization

Europcar may be ordered by law to disclose your personal data to the investigating authority, police or court if obligated or called to do so, or if it is justified in the course of an official investigation. No data is transferred abroad or too any third person for statistical purpose.

What kind of rights do I have concerning the processing of my personal data?

Within the period of processing, you shall have the following rights (as provided by Sections 14–23 of the Info Act and Articles 15–21 of the GDPR):

Right of information: You shall be entitled to request information on the processing of your personal data within the period of processing. We provide you with easy to understand information in writing within the shortest possible time (but not later than 1 month) about the scope of your data processed, the purpose and period of and the legal ground for processing, and – if your data have been transferred – about the scope of persons who receive or have received your data, also indicating the purpose of any such transfer.

Right to block data (save the case of mandatory processing under the GDPR): You may request the blocking of your data by indicating a purpose (e.g. investigation, detection of a crime) which excludes the possibility of erasure. Any blocked personal data may be processed as long as the purpose of processing which excludes the possibility of erasure exists.

Right to erasure /right to be forgotten (save the case of mandatory processing): You may request the erasure of your personal data, if any of the cases listed in points a)–f) of Article 17 of the GDPR prevails (e.g. the purpose of processing has ceased to exist).

Right to object (save the case of mandatory processing under the GDPR):

  • where the personal data are processed or transferred for a purpose of direct marketing, public opinion polling or academic research.

If you claim that Europcar has violated any statutory provision applicable to data processing, then we kindly request you to contact us first by using any of the contact details indicated in the first part (controller’s contact details) so the data processing you consider as unlawful may be terminated. If this proves to be unsuccessful, you shall have the right to initiate the procedure of the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (mailing address: H-1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; e-mail: or to proceed to court as provided in Section 22 of the Info Act.

We inform you that we don't make automated decision-making and profiling.


Valid from: 8 April 2019

EuRent Autókölcsönző Kft.

Downloadable document: Privacy Policy_Hungary_website_EN

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