Whistleblower system

Protection. Fairness. Trust.

I. General Information Whistleblower System

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at Volkswagen. We can only avoid damageto our company, our employees and business partners if rules and standards are respected. Consequently, misconduct must be recognized swiftly, processed and immediately remedied.

That calls for vigilance on the part of everyone along with a willingness to draw attention to possible Serious Regulatory Violations on the basis of Reasonable Suspicion. We also value information of this nature from business partners, customers and other third parties. Reports to the Investigation Office can be made at any time and in any language.

The Whistleblower System guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and Persons Implicated. An investigation is only initiated after very careful examination of the facts and Reasonable Suspicion of a Regulatory Violation. There will be strictconfidentiality and secrecy throughout the investigative process. Information will be reviewed fairly, promptly and in a sensitive manner..

II. 24/7 Hotline

You can make a report using the international toll-free number: +800 444 46300. If your local telephone provider does not support the toll-free service, you can call the following chargeable number:+49 5361 946300.

III. A BKMS Reporting Channel

Youhave the option of using an internet-based communication platform to contact the Investigation Office, exchange documents and conduct a dialog with the lawyersvia a separate mailbox. This system is confidential and protected. Whistleblowers can decide for themselves whether they wish to give their names. If you would like to send a confidential report to the lawyers in the Investigation Office you can use the secure reporting channelto submit a report..

ImportantNotice: Even ifyourpreferred languageisnot offeredin the reportingchannel, youcanuseanylanguagetosubmityourreport. Youcanalso contact the Investigation Office in anylanguagevia E-Mail ormail. BKMS Link:

IV. Ombudspersons

“Ombudsman” is a term taken from the Swedish word for mediator or legal representative. Dr. Rainer Buchert and Thomas Rohrbach, the external ombudspersons appointed by the Volkswagen Group, act as special counsel to accept reports of potential statutory or internal violation of regulations or any other kind of harmful conduct in the Group, and to review these with respect to plausibility andsubstantiability. They consult with the whistleblower if necessary and if the identity of the whistleblower is known. Finally, they forward all the information that has been agreed with the whistleblower to the Investigation Office for further processing.

All information is treated as confidential and it is the whistleblower who decides whether he or she wishes to protect his or heridentity vis-à-vis the Group. The ombudspersons appointed by the Group ensure that reports from whistleblowers who do not wish to be identifiedby the Company are forwarded to the Investigation Office anonymously.

If you want to get in contact with the Volkswagen Ombudspersons you can find their contact point on the following homepage:

V. E-Mail and in person/postalcontact of the Investigation Offices


Postal addresse: Central Investigation Office Box 1717 38436 Wolfsburg (downtown), Germany

In-person: Central Investigation Office Porschestraße1 38440 Wolfsburg (downtown), Germany

Please make an appointment in advance writing an E-Mail to

Call our reservations team: +36 1 421 8300

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