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Whatever your destination, on business or for pleasure, keep Europcar's special offers in mind!


Car(e) rental without excess? Yes, it's possible!

Did you know that in Hungary one insured car in every four suffers some breakage damage with an average damage value of HUF 300.000 Europcar ensures your safety as the rental fees include the fee of a compulsory and casco insurance with an excess of 60.000 HUF/damage event. In case of theft or a total loss caused by renter the deductible is 10 percent of the vehicle's actual new purchase price.

Take less risk to reduce your liability in case of a casco damage event by taking advantage of our auxiliary insurance. Reduce your excess to 0 HUF by paying an additional daily fee of 2.540 HUF(VAT included)!





Will you have a hectic day? Won't you have time to read the map?

For long journeys to your partners you can use the time to concentrate on your appointment.
No more parking problems and traffic jam. You can relax on the backseat, because your chauffeur will take you anywhere you wish.

Any vehicle can be hired with a professional chauffeur with a surcharge of 30.480 HUF/8 hours. Every extra hour started is charged at 3.810 HUF.


For further information please call (+36) 1 505 4400, or contact us.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

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